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The world has indeed shrunk into a global village in the age of the internet, and that is worth celebrating. Globalisation is making significant strides in cyberspace. Our Mission is thus to be a reliable resource center for all matters of the cyberspace. We aim to promote the growth of a safe, futuristic and resilient cyber environment that is human-centric and reflective of the norms of the Society (global community) we all coexist in. It is thus our mission to spearhead impactful dialogues, support brilliant policies, and promote sustainable governance of the cyberspace.


The Cyber Society Association is based in Geneva, which has become a hub for international dialogue with respect to cyberspace. Our contributors are from all over the planet, and we are publishing on our website.


Our vision is to inform a large international audience about these different policy activities and share news, experiences; foster a vibrant, secure, resilient and futuristic cyberspace for the greater good of all.

We feel that the easy to exchange nature of data is one of its core characteristics. This trait must be harnessed and utilised in the right spirit for the benefit of everyone. While different countries and corporations will have their data policies driven by their respective interests and intentions, the owners of data are the real stakeholders, and consequently they must understand the impact the different policies and regulations have on their rights.

With the support of our contributors, we hope to create an ecosystem that focuses on data policies and regulation, with a directory of our contributing professionals and experts available for our users to delve deeper into specific country and regional data regulations.

Members of the Executive Board and Co-Founders

Recognising that digital technologies have a major impact on society, Boris specialised in information and communication technologies from the outset. His work focuses on best practices in cyberspace: internationally recognised, sustainable, and socially responsible standards uniting technology and people.


Mbula E. Nzuki is an attorney and entrepreneur in the legal and fintech space. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya and aspires to cast her stone towards the building of a resilient, secure and futuristic cyberspace. Mbula’s dream is to have African countries recognised as globally competitive technology and business hubs, and she is at the forefront making it happen.

A former Silicon Valley IT professional, Dhruv is now an attorney based in New Delhi, India, focussing on dispute resolution and commercial transactions covering IP/TMT, startup, infrastructure & real estate, and international business sectors. In addition, Dhruv has kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive with forays into the tech, travel, and knowledge processes outsourcing sectors in Europe and the Middle East.

Dhruv aspires for the cyber and data rights, privacy, and protection, to be given the importance they deserve in India, and increase awareness of these topics amongst the common people, and more importantly, in the largely unorganised business sector that dominates India.


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